Transgender Rights Under Bigotry And Ignorance

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The emergence of transgender rights has drawn political science and public opinion scholars to empirically assess public attitudes about transgender people and their rights. Basic civil human rights is a privilege every human is entitled too. This on going debate has prompted the Trump ad-ministration to make transgender rights almost obsolete. Continuous observation has provided many insights in regards to the impact of disgust and authoritarianism (Casey, 2016; Miller et al., 2017). The rights of transgender people and transgender rights differ from the attitudes of gay peo-ple and gay rights (Lewis et al, 2017). Transgender does not equate sexual orientation.

During the unprecedented progress in transnational policy protection between 2010-2016, has been both a move towards progress and a step back from progression. This paper begins with the outlining of psychological theories of intergroup anxiety and value orientation that affect trans people. It then touches upon the prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping that transgender indi-viduals encounter. I shall then provide reduction techniques in order to reduce prejudice and dis-crimination against the mentioned disempowered group of people.

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Transgender is defined by of, relating to, or being a person whose gender identity is oppo-site the sex the person had or was identified as having at birth (Mirriam-Webster, 2018). This is a personal gender identity in which a person prefers to belong to regardless of genitalia. Being transgender is not about becoming someone you want to be, but about becoming the person you have always been inside. This fact does not interpret that women who like women wish to be men, nor do men who like men wish to become women. Transgender beings have different sexual orien-tations that do not restrict them into submission to heterosexuality. Numerous amount of people will undergo surgery in order to match with their gender identity, this process involves hormone replacements or blockers if the individual decides to transition before puberty. Prejudice and discrimination against trans people is a part of a larger scale of societal punishment for non conforming to society’s standards of heteronormativity.

According to Freud’s psychosexual stages, during the phallic stage (age 3-5/7 years old) toddlers begin to find their gender identity. Children relate to same sex parent they have chosen as their mirror and show characteristics of the chosen gender group. Trans people report having body dysmorphia, a mental illness in which they feel anxiousness about their appearance and will avoid public social situations that will indite shame. Regardless of familial or social structure, becoming openly transgender may be a difficult transition especially in Trump’s era of bigotry and arrogance.

The Trump administration’s attempt to rescind the rights of transgender people is the new period of backlash against trans people globally. In the past year, Trump’s administration has scru-tinized the definition of identifying as transgender.

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