Transgender Rights And Issues In America

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Every day, thousands of transgender Americans have to deal with several kinds of injustices. Whether it be trying to do basic, everyday activities, grow up in an unsupportive household, come out to family, or obtain basic healthcare, there is always trouble in the lives of transgender people. In America today, the negative stigma surrounding transgender people has begun to dissolve, and the community has acquired more support over the years, but prejudice is still awfully prevalent despite the efforts to stop it.

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This topic is important because transgender people are not always treated like people, when all they want is to be accepted by their families, peers, and communities, just like everyone else. Transgender Americans deserve the full rights to live that every other citizen in this country takes advantage of, and the discrimination that they face is unfair.

Transgender people are normal people who feel they were born in the wrong body, as the wrong gender, and are either female transitioning into male, or male to female. This can mean extremely expensive top or bottom surgeries that alter the person’s body to match the gender identity of the person. Gender identity is the gender that a person feels like they are, rather than the sex they were given at birth. A common condition that most trans people have is something called gender dysphoria. This is caused by distress that someone experiences because of the difference between the appearance of their body and their gender identity. Gender dysphoria is often confused with body dysmorphia, which is the mental disorder that distorts the image of one’s body and causes anxiety about one’s appearance. Although some transgender people might have both of these, they are different conditions (Callahan 2014).

According to Planned Parenthood, transphobia can be defined as the fear, hatred, disbelief, or mistrust of people who are transgender, though it is most commonly characterized by bullying. It can take many forms and cause the victims issues such as depression, suicidal thoughts or tendencies, and hopelessness. Roughly 50 percent of trans people in America have thought about committing suicide because of transphobia (Ettachfini 2016). Unfortunately, in attempts to stop trans kids from being transgender, some conservative parents choose to send their trans children to conversion therapy. Conversion therapy is a service given by churches or religious groups to try to change an adolescent’s sexual orientation or gender identity through electric shock, psychological conditioning, or a number of other cruel methods (2018). Several issues are common for the victims of whom are forced to participate in this continually debunked as unfunctional. According to the Human Rights Campaign, depression, anxiety, homelessness, drug use, and suicide can be the result of conversion therapy.

There are several misconceptions about the transgender community. For example,

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