Transformation Of Ships Since Columbus Time

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Everybody knows that Columbus made the life changing trip to the Americas on three ships: the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. These ships that Columbus used have evolved greatly over time. The technology of ships today has allowed traveling by sea to be much easier. Columbus’ ships and modern ships have few similarities, and they have many contrasting qualities. Ships have a long history, and they have made many technological changes over the years.

The ships that Columbus used were not exactly high tech. They were a fairly simple design and life was basic. These ships traveled at a very slow pace. These ships could travel at speeds between four to eight knots. This speed always depended on the speed of the wind. These ships had multiple sails an masts, and the wind carried them across the water. At this rate, his ships were able to travel at about ninety to one hundred miles on an average day (Pickering, 2018). Knots are simply just the nautical version of miles per hour. A nautical mile is slightly larger than land measured miles. One knot equals 1 nautical mile per hour and 1.15 land measured miles per hour (NOAA, 2013). The Ni?±a, Pinta, and Santa Maria could carry about 120 passengers. These ships were very unsanitary, and people on board had to sleep tightly packed together on the damp deck. Passengers had to pack dry foods such as bread and crackers, and meat was salted to stay preserved for the long trip. Christopher Columbus used the stars and the sun as navigation. There were not many accomodations on these ships compared to what kind of ships are travelling the sea today (Alchin, 2012).

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Ships today are much more innovative than the ships used back in 1492.

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