Transcendental Wild Oats

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Transcendental Wild Oats is a satirical work of art which was derived from Alcott’s personal experience within her own family. The success of this story is based on the validity of the themes discussed, as well as the style of narration used to construct the story. For one, Alcott’s point of view in the story and the third person narration allows her to discuss the utopian experiment.

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From her point of view, she observes the actions of the characters in the story, and reports it to the audience in a manner that comes off as reproaching the reckless venture, one that almost destroyed the family and the actions of the man who risked exposing his daughters and wife to poverty, anxiety and ostracism (Mills, 2007). Alcott speaks from experience. She understands the problems that arise from gender inequality from firsthand experience.

The story applies irony to critic situations intended to culminate in a utopian world but which failed to support this premise. For example, Timon expressed his dissatisfaction with the consumption of animals, publicly yelling at Jane, claiming that eating a fish tail could nourish the world tiger in her bosom (Alcott, 2011). He is depicted as a critic of the vegetarian lifestyle. It is also ironic that the quest for a utopian world leads to a further loss of female freedom. Sister Hope worked tirelessly doing extra work at night so that the men could avoid working in the farm, which helped them save time to explore their individual inner natures ( Michael, 2016). The utopian world which was sought after in the Fruitlands was aimed at providing equal rights to all individuals of the community, but it was ironic that, while the animals were freed from suffering by being excluded from their diet, women continued to suffer in labor,

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