Trait Emotional Intelligence

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Researchers made an impressive and extensive study on a human being and its effect regarding intelligence and emotional state on the people. They also found out that there is two different type of emotional intelligence, ability EI, and trait EI. According to H.

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Toyama and S. Mauno Psychological Research, the theory of EI describes an individuals intellectual activity concerning intelligent individuals. And how EI the functions in stress reduction and recovery in the daily life of individuals is thus a crucial step towards explaining the long-term effect of EI on mental and physical states (Mayer & Salovey, 1997; Salovey & Mayer, 1990). There are several theories involved to consider before constructing an experiment.

Ability EI, trait EI and recovery. Based on H. Toyama and S. Maunos study, most EI research has been don on two major concepts, ability EI and trait EI, each with its own distinctive method of measurement. Ability EI refers to cognitive capability in relation to emotions and is measured via tests of maximum cognitive performance, whereas trait EI refers to a composite of various affective personality traits and competencies and is assessed by using selfreport measures (Petrides, Pita, & Kokkinaki, 2007; Zeidner, Matthews, & Roberts, 2012). Theories of Stress and Recovery is defined as a process by which psychological and physiological systems activated during work return to and stabilize at their pre-stressor levels, thereby reducing strain (Geurts & Sonnentag, 2006). There is another stage into recovery which explains by researchers and it called E-R.

The initiation of the recovery process can be explained by referencing the Effort“Recovery (E-R) model (Meijman &

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