Traditionally surveillance was done manually

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Surveillance is proving to be very effective technique to ensure the feeling of safety and security among the people of a state. Traditionally surveillance was done manually using human patrolling by police and law maintaining bodies in the city. Then with the advent of CCTVs we started using video surveillance. Though there are many technologies to choose from but by making use of biometric technique, surveillance can become even more effective, as biometrics rely on one’s physical characteristics which are don’t change overnight and thus harder to deceive the system . In this report we have analyzed the various issues and challenges that come with the use this biometrics for surveillance. Then we have tried to find potential solutions to these issues and challenges. We have also described how biometrics can be used for the purpose of surveillance. So the main goal of this paper is to look into the deeper issues related to the use of this technology and provides a solution to it.

Chapter 1


1.1 Background

Dawn of the 21st century brought with it certain happenings that forced everyone to realize that safety and security are prime needs of every individual, organization, state and country. And it isn’t surprising that biggest threat to one’s security is the human element. A large sum of money is invested every year just for security by individuals, organization and nations. Individual wants to protect and guard their home; organizations have to guard their data and infrastructure. But when it comes to guarding a nation we need more powerful technologies. Security of a nation has becomes increasingly important especially since the aftermath of various large scale terror attacks we have seen in recent past. Surveillance has emerged as an effective technique to increase the security and guard the citizenry of a nation.

Before we start introducing how Biometrics can help in the process of surveillance it will be really helpful if we understand the meaning of these two terms biometrics and surveillance. In the past Biometrics has been increasingly used for the authentication purpose to enhance security of various systems. Biometrics makes use of our physical characteristic which is unique for every individual, this helps in unique identification. [1]

Surveillance which means observing or monitoring people from over a distance without physically bothering the subject, has became a common tool to enhance security now a days so much so that you will find CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras installed virtually everywhere. The word surveillance owes its origin to the French word for “watching over”. [2]

Biometrics has mostly been used as a tool for solving the problems of reliably identifying a person. It has been widely used in identity management systems, where a person is granted access to various applications like entry into a room, access to a computer system, to execute a transaction or trigger a nuclear weapon, only once he has proved his identity i.e.

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