Traditional Gender Roles

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There are many things that seperate a man from a woman and the roles they are influenced to play in society. For instance, it is not an ordinary sight to see women working in a construction zone or on a professional football field. However, you typically don’t see a man working as a stay at home parent or a receptionist.

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Society generally associates certain gender roles depending on one’s sex as being acceptable and appropriate. They are based on past traditions occurring throughout history. Gender roles have impacted people to expect certain sexes to speak, act, dress, groom, and conduct themselves a certain way. Men are supposed to rugged providers and defenders,while women are seen as the sensible caretakers. This is why men generally work more and harder hours then woman, but this doesn’t mean men are more important, because women get just as much done by working smarter rather than physically like traditional men. Women usually are the ones behind planning organization and spending, whereas on the other hand men are used to work and get the job done without much thought. Growing up men usually have more freedom and given more slack in school, while girls often have strict rules and where they go, who they hangout with, and what they wear. Girls are expected to be the top of their class and never get in trouble.

Men generally have easier childhoods but grow up to do extreme physical work and long hours while women have harder younger lives but then grow up to work much less than men, even though they work less they often have more stressful jobs that involves math and writing and thinking, compared to the men brute physicality. These guidelines are how many people live and it’s completely normal and never question it, but there is an expectation to the female athlete that believes she has what it takes to be a professional football player or that little boy that finds dancing a passion and wishes to take ballet. Society generally doesn’t react well because it is different and not traditional. The article my six year old son takes ballet talks about how this mans sons is fascinated by ballet and faces bullying and his father does his best to protect his sons. He actually encourages his son’s ballet stating,awesome it will make him strong and limber. This shows how men don’t have to stick to their gender roles even though it is not generally accepted in society, but is present. In another article Pink think the author talks about how women do not have sugar and spice and everything nice, rather they can act however they want even if that is doing things outside of their gender roles or manlythings. So both men and women are breaking down the boundaries that have been set for so long,

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