Tradition in modern architecture

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Architecture can be described as, a profession or rather a discipline that deals with designing of buildings, other respective artificial constructions, open areas and communities while regarding the aesthetic effect. It generally includes supervising building work and remodeling, selection of design and decorations. Architecture started being practiced since time immemorial in ancient states like in ancient Egypt including other numerous others.

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Architecture is believed to have been born out curiosity by man to want decent dwellings. The pioneers of architecture had diverse ideas when coming up with it. Since then, architecture has evolved gradually over the time into the complex forms of architectural styles that we have nowadays. This essay will argumentatively discuss the modern architecture and relate it to traditional practices on the basis of, if it is still a reflection of the old traditional practices or not. And explain whether one can create an idea that does not reflect anything and finally explain examples of old and modern architectural designs while considering Le Corbusier influence on architecture.

The world of architecture is very quiet dynamic, this fact facilitated innovations in the area of construction, to be specific on individual buildings. At the moment you cannot compare building that was erected back in 17th & 18th, for example, the ancient Roman architecture of 1st century AD. With the massive architectural designs in the 21st century a good example being the skyscrapers of America and China. The bitter truth or rather the sweeter truth is that modern architectures have forgone the ancient art of making buildings. That’s why there has been a rather constant change of house designs and other buildings. This rejection and migration from designing buildings with the reflection of traditional thematic designs can be attributed to the wake of the 20th century and at the apex of the 19th century.

During this particular time, there were massive and numerous revolutions in the following fields; building materials, technology, and Engineering (Robertson, 1969). The revolutions were spearheaded by various reasons, the aspiration to break off, from traditional designs which were felt awkward, very common and the longing for a purely functional design. The revolution of materials, came in this way, first, the use of cast iron was put in place during construction. This is basically the use of fabricated iron to build structures like bridges that have been built in whole or in part. A good example of this design is the US Capitol dome like, in Washington DC. Upon invention and realization of the architectural style, it was most notably practiced in Britain. Secondly, there were also noteworthy innovations in technology which aided coming up of new architecture designs. A good example is the ability of some computer programs that auto-generated modern designs upon feeding the computer with raw data of specifications the buildings which you want to come up with.

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