Trader Joe’s

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1. Trader Joe’s is a multi- billion dollar national chain through its ability to find cheap real state, store brands and smartly management practices. The company always encourage friendly, customer orientated employees who are ambitious and adventurous enjoy smiling and have strong sense of values. Each employee is encouraged to taste and learn about the products and to engage customer to share what they experienced. Trader Joe’s philosophy for their success is “HAPPY EMPLOYEES MAKE FOR HAPPY CUSTOMER’S. The company encourage multitasking, it is not unusual for store manager to sweep floor, stock shelves and run the register when needed. Company also encourages young teens who are working as part time and collecting money for their colleges. If we compare Trader Joe’s wages to other grocery stores, they pay 30% more to their employees. The simple reason lies is that Trader Joe’s knows that people looking for a new job look for money, but pay is not why employees generally remain with an organization. At Trader Joe’s, employees feel that they are taken care of and there is nothing to stop giving 100% of their abilities. 2. It is an old saying who is captain of the ship? Manager is always taken as the captain of the whole entire crew. Trader Joe’s always work on this theory so their managers are highly professional customer satisfaction experts, ambassadors, food tasters, personnel specialist, merchandisers, problem solvers and community volunteers. The management process work in the simple formula of planning, organizing, leading and controlling which sets clear rules for all the employees working in the company. Traders Joe’s offer their manager round six figure pay which is a biggest attraction among all others. Moreover Company’s non-union policy gives the management to lead their crew in more organized manner, controlling and monitoring everyone performance and taking immediate actions as necessary. 3. Trader Joe’s knows that the stock of competence, knowledge and personality attributes embodied in the ability to perform labor so as to produce economic value. The Company is well known for treating employees with the measure of respect and dignity.

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