Tracing My Career Path as An IT Contractor

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Once I complete my college education, I plan to seek a career opportunity as an IT contractor. This decision stems from my observation and detailed research of the fast pace with which the IT world is creating lucrative job opportunities for contingent workers. For example, a recent report by TEKsystems indicates that 26 percent of managers in the IT sector was projected to increase the headcount of contingent professionals during the last six months of 2017 (Bednarz). As an IT contractor, I intend to contribute niche skills to various teams, secure my financial security through savings and investments, and be part of a network of professionals with valuable insights for the future.

In the words of Jason Hayman, a TEKsystems’ manager in market research, “the current environment for IT workers is one of opportunity, as unemployment remains low and demand continues to rise” (Bednarz). At a time when unemployment is on the rise in many industries, Hayman’s analysis is of great motivation for me as I look forward to filling a gap in the provision of IT skills to the industry players who often prefer contractors.

In order to maximize my opportunities for growth in the IT profession, I will avoid complex projects in the early stages of my career and progress gradually as I gain more experience. Although I expect to enhance my IT skills and knowledge through rigorous training and working with those with established careers in the field, I will choose contract rates and projects that will allow me to grow at my own pace. Moreover, contractors enjoy great flexibility in terms of their choice of work, the companies they work for, and what they consider as reasonable compensation (Keeble). Therefore, I will maximize this flexibility to ensure that I deliver the highest standards of service as I become more marketable among the clients.

According to Ken Rubin, an IT consultant at High Road Data in Orange County, “I like the freedom and flexibility to set my own schedule” (Bednarz).

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