Tom Joad in The Grapes of Wrath: Character Analysis

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  • 1. State the title and author of the novel. Title – The Grapes Of Wrath Author -John Steinbeck
  • 2.

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    Where is the story set? Los Gatos, CA

  • 3. When is the story set- In October 1938 / Late 1930s
  • 4. Place it in its historical context. The novel, ” The Grapes of Wrath ” gave a voice to the a huge number of Americans influenced by the Dust Bowl disaster in Midwestern cultivating states
  • 5. Who is the narrator? An unknown, all-knowing, verifiably mindful cognizance that is profoundly thoughtful, not exclusively to the transients yet to specialists, poor people, and the seized by and large
  • 6. Who is the protagonist? Provide biographical details Tom Joad
  • 7. Who are the other main characters? Provide biographical details.

Tom Joad – The protagonist of this novel, and Ma and Pa Joad’s most loved child. Tom is genial and insightful and manages with what life hands him. Despite the fact that he killed a man and has been isolated from his family for a long time, he doesn’t squander his time with second thoughts. He lives completely for the present minute, which empowers him to be an incredible wellspring of imperativeness for the Joad family. A savvy direct and savage defender, Tom displays an ethical sureness all through the novel that pervades him with quality and resolves: he wins the awed regard of his relatives and also the specialists he later composes into associations. Pa Joad – Ma Joad’s significant other and Tom’s dad. Dad Joad is an Oklahoma sharecropper who has been expelled from his ranch. A frank, decent-hearted man, Pa guides the push to take the family to California. Once there, unfit to look for some kind of employment and progressively edgy, Pa ends up looking to Ma Joad for quality and initiative, however, he once in a while feels embarrassed about his weaker position.

Ma Joad – The mother of the Joad family. Mama is presented as a lady who intentionally and readily satisfies her job as “the bastion of the family.” She is the healer of the family’s ills and the referee of its contentions, and her capacity to play out these assignments develops as the novel advances. Rose Of Sharon – The most established of Ma and Pa Joad’s little girls, and Connie’s better half. An unfeasible, irritable, and sentimental young lady, Rose of Sharon starts the voyage to California pregnant with her first youngster. She and Connie have fabulous ideas of making a life for themselves in a city. The cruel substances of transient life before long clarify Rose of Sharon of these thoughts, notwithstanding. Her significant other surrenders her, and her youngster is conceived dead.

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