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Chennai Launch Creative Brief

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TOI, Chennai launch – Nakkamuka Campaign Link: http://www. youtube. com/watch? v=fEU_qyiQmYQ Submitted by: Suhani Sahoonja, 51444, MBA 2011 (Advertising) [pic] Creative brief 1. Who are we? What are we advertising? (Background & Issue) Times of India is the countries leading national daily. Widely read and admired. Over the years, TOI has come to be known for being the ultimate ‘taste of Indian news’. They believe in becoming a part of a Indian’s life and thus want to do the same for the TOI - Chennai launch. Not many newspapers in the country advertise hence, there is no issue of clutter and noise. However, the newspaper should have connect so that it can be accepted over all the other regional options that are available to the people in various parts of the country. TOI is looking at becoming a national leader, loved all over the country. The idea is to leave room for branding the name Times of India such that it accentuates the overall brand equity of the Times Group indirectly. Therefore, we are competing with not only newspapers but also news channels. Every next news channel and newspaper talks about providing the true picture, the bigger picture or the relevant picture, but we need to take a much more closer and personal place. Issue: Times of India launch has never been publicized with an extensive Advertising campaigning. Chennai however, is a city that has very peculiar and regionalist traits. The people of Chennai are not very flexible and open to changes. They have their regional preferences in every possible aspect. Thus the issue is to build a connect and a chord with these people of the outhern city of Chennai. Objective: to create acceptance for Times of India in Chennai 2. Target group: The people of Chennai, very well read and very Chennai. They read newspaper for three chief reasons politics, cinema and politics. There is a breed of young readers, pro change readers, readers with a national and global outlook. Thus age group is 20 onwards for both, men and women, married or single. These are people who are slowly opening up to the world in a much bigger way than the other people in the southern part of the country. Politics, masala and fame forms a major part of their conversations. It caters to the traditional reader and also to the evolving reader, which is fully descriptive of Chennai. The Chennaite is comfortable with his/her traditions, and is equally modern minded. One has to realise that Chennai has changed and TOI is cognizant of the change. Media habit: TV and print majorly for people above 25. College going students nowadays are exposed to high degree of social networking sits such as facebook, orkut, twitter. Youtube is a platform which offers uninterrupted reach. Hoardings are important to build a name in the city so that even people visiting Chennai know that TOI exists there too. TV and Internet are our focus area clearly. 3. Competitive framework: The Hindu: Grand old lady of mount road, it knows its audience well. Everybody knows that Chennai wakes up to drink filter coffee and read the Hindu. Very good for local news, Okay-okay for national news and very ordinary for international news. Biased towards current government always, at the centre, and at the state. If the government doesn’t want people to know about people dying in Tibet, Hindu will be careful in its coverage of the issue. The New Indian Express: They’ve improved newsprint quality a lot. Lesser number of pages than the mammoth Hindu. Less on local news. Doesn’t print much about open manhole covers in Perungudi which cause grave inconvenience to residents. Although sometimes slightly anti Congress (and anti Sonia Gandhi). Has brand value and a decent base in Chennai to sustain for a while in spite of competition. Deccan Chronicle is also there but it is not much of a competition right now. The Indian Express has gone in for a facelift (pehle kyon nahi socha? ) and looks snazzy. It has also gone in for a new advertising campaign with a cure-for-constipation-like baseline ’100% steel. 0% gas’. One of the outdoor campaigns reads, “I don’t want Shakespeare to write my news”, while another says, “Lectures turn me off, so do socialites”. The Hindu has blinked, despite being the leader, by dropping its price. The Deccan Chronicle has remained silent thus far. Secondary competitors in news channels and Tamil newspapers are there but they too are not advertising right now. However, they definitely have a very strong connect. 4. How is the brand perceived before the communication? Times of India is running ‘a day in the life of India’ campaign nationally, which is a big popular hit with the masses as well as the classes. It is helping in building name recall and response. In India it is perceived as a true leader and a commercially equipped newspaper. In Chennai, TOI like most of the brands coming from the north or Delhi, is not accepted warmly. However, there is much knowledge amongst the people that TOI is a credible and commercial newspaper. 5. Insights: Consumer insight: The Nike cricket ad worked wonders for Mumbai, it helped garner aroused interest and preference for the brand. Politics, fame and cinema are the three things a Chennai person is interested in. The Hindu is the most circulated newspaper right now because it favors news and exhibits a sense of belongingness 6. Positioning, USP & Core proposition Ideally to avoid any confused messages, we would suggest that the positioning of TOI remains the same all over the country. Similarily the brand positioning in Chennai also becomes local, fun and well informed (unique). Chennai is intense about its values and traditions, but the new Chennai accepts modernity. We want to be positioned as a brand that could straddle both tradition and modernity well. Intangible: Regional Connect USP – Regionally customized and modern Core Proposition – ‘A day in the life of Chennai’ There is a traditional creative insight that the brand TOI embarks upon ‘A day in the life of .... ’ It could be India, or any other city. Irony with humor is always engaging. A metaphor that represents the taste and smell of Chennai and is a Tamil folk expression maybe. 7. Tone Times of India is a national leader and hence, the tone is not all pleading or suggesting. It is friendly and warm, very local and celebrating. 8. How do you want the brand to be perceived post the new brand communication? Among a breed of young readers, pro change readers, readers with a national and global outlook, the acceptance rate has been very high. We want to be respectful of the city's cultural inclinations and rather than been a brash newcomer, we want to culturally integrate with the city. Like Nike did in Mumbai (after the “cricket-on-car-roofs-in-traffic-jam” campaign). Bringing out a connect emotionally and locally about the city's idiosyncrasies.
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