Time Management And Learning Process

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High school students have worked many years toward the goal of going to college. They have passed classes intended to prepare them for secondary education and have taken standardized tests, such as the ACT or SAT numerous times to better their chances to attend the college of their dreams. It is during this time that strong study habits and time management skills should have been formed.

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Some may think they have a fervent grasp on these two aspects of school only to find out during freshman year this is not the case. As they look back to high school they realize there wasnt much homework or time allotment needed to prepare for tests.

According to Cherif, faculty members stated many reasons, including the fact that a significant number of incoming students have poor levels of or a complete lack of academic preparedness for college courses, lack of learning and study skills, and/or lack of organizational skills (including time management and setting priorities) (Cherif et al). Study habits are not the only reason some college students do not as well as they think. There is just so much happening at school, where choices to what to be involved with need to be made. College students don’t set out to fail, but time management can keep them from performing to the best of their ability.

With freshman year comes a lot of changes and firsts. This is usually the first time the students are away from their parents. It is totally up to them to make all their own decisions without the input from mom or dad. Though their parents are just a phone call away, most students feel they are adult enough to make the right decision. This feeling of total freedom leaves some students with the same feeling Fiona had about a class she felt was not relevant to her education, I am going to be where I want to be at the time I want to be there, and you don’t have to babysit me (Kivnc).

Course schedules are made up a semester in advance with the help of a counselor. The counselorr’s job is to make sure you stay on schedule for graduation in four years by taking the appropriate classes and hours for your major. The counselor does not know if you are an early riser, if you are working or any of your other idiosyncrasies. It is up to the student to make the final decision.

Many colleges and universities are now offering more online classes. Sometimes online classes are the only way to get the class you need to stay on track.

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