Three Day Diet Reflection

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For my three day diet reflection it was telling me I needed to drink more water, I did not have enough nutrients in my food throughout the day, and I needed to be more physically active. I also need to take more nutrients in my body other than the vitamins I take once day. Healthy eating is not always easy, food is addicting and sometimes we indulge in our cravings.

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Sometimes we are just so busy throughout our day we do not eat as much nutrients as we need to. Like for me for instance, doing the myfitnesspal app the calories I intake I needed to eat more throughout the day and healthier cause I would eat when I can and sometime its hours within the day. Than that’s when I would go to fast food because it was fast and easy, but it also affected my physical health. Also in myfitnesspal app it said I should drink more water and I know I should because I would drink a lot soda before as well. To this day I would exercise and slowly see changes with myself and my body.

In the beginning of my diet to lose weight and improve health was one of my main goals, but it can be a bit overwhelming. For the next few weeks my plan is to exercises daily, changing my eating habits, and trying to eat as much nutrients as I can. Most importantly manage my time with everything to stop procrastinating and doing everything last minute. Now I make a checklist for myself and do as much as I can.

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