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It is said that good things come to those who persist in prayer and the prayer has been granted. I am joining my dream college and it is the best moment in my life. It is such a privilege to going a prestigious university with the humble background that I have. I have always wanted to be part of Thailand both as a students and business person. This will be my first destination. I have robust interests in business, music, and arts. Having gone through high school education, I have been able to get numerous award in music at the high school level. I own various honors and certificates in music too. I have been part of the music band at my high school and played a key role in the band as the band leader. I have the passion for playing the trombone and the flute. All my awards have been as a result of the exemplary work in musical arrangements and playing of the instruments. I have traveled across the Europe with the music. It has paid me a great deal. I have also gained recognition my country playing the instruments in competitions both nationally and nationally. I have been invited to play the instruments at national holidays for entertainment. I have also had the privilege to entertain the president at the statehouse. Having gone through this, I have made up my mind to venture into business as a form of diversification. I gained my passion for business immediately after high school. I wanted to create something new out of my passion. I decided to make audio-visual CD’S of my music and sell them. This is because I believed that audience loved my music in the city. The CD’s composed of arrangements and playing of the instruments. The first attempt was such bad experienced for me since the investment did not actualize. The materials did not sell out and losses were made. I only made a few sales of the materials and the return on investment was poor. Later, I was rescued by my former high school teacher who was who offered to assist me market my products.

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