Things Fall Apart Is Going To Be

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I predict that Things Fall Apart is going to be about the white men that live in Great Britain taking over the native village of Umuofia with imperialism and colonialism.

Things Fall Apart is a historical fiction novel that was originally written by Chinua Achebe and was published by the First Anchor Books in 1959. The most recent edition was published by the Penguin Group in 2017. The main character’s name is Okonkwo and he is a warrior and the leader of the community. Okonkwo also worries about his masculinity and he also careful to show no weakness when he does anything. He came from a family that was poor and he grew up with a dad who was heavily in debt.

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Okonkwos fathers name was Unoka and Okonkwo did not want to be like him. Unoka used to be one of the best flute players and love the beauty of the sunrise. Later in his life, he started to borrow money from people but he decided to never pay the money back. Unoka even died with these debts still in place. Even after all of these problems, Okonkwo still has two farms of yams, married three wives, and raised his own children. He is also the best wrestler of his nine villages because he defeated Amalinze, the greatest wrestler who was unbeaten for seven years.

The white men of Great Britain would try to take over Okonkwo and the village of Umuofia with imperialism and colonialism. According to the Guided Outline, it said Imperialism involves the claiming and exploiting of territories outside of ones own natural boundaries for a variety of motives (Paragraph 2).

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