There’s No Crying in Baseball

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Participation trophies are hurting children. Giving these trophies for nothing but participation is a relatively new idea thought of by parents who cannot let their children’s failure reflect back on them. Trophies and ribbons given out in this manner give children the belief that they are better than they actually are and that they deserve more than they actually deserve.

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When these participation trophies are handed out it takes away all incentive for children to want to try to earn a real trophy. People must stop giving children participation trophies because they affect their futures negatively, they create narcissistic traits, and they ruin the meaning of real trophies.

Participation trophies will have negative effects on these children in the future. When children grow up into adults they will face many let downs. By giving trophies just for participating, it seems that people are missing a perfect opportunity to educate children about the frustrations and let downs that life will inevitably bring. We are teaching our youth a poor lesson by rewarding them for failure. These trophies teach them that they will always succeed just for making the effort to show up, which is very untrue. Not only do participation trophies not prepare them for failure, but they do not prepare them for handling their own mistakes and learning from them. The real problem with this is that not only are they taught that they will receive a trophy for however hard they try, but that they do not even have to try at all. This lesson teaches children a trait that they cannot have a successful future with- narcissism.

Children become more narcissistic when they are given participation trophies. They become entitled to some form of reward just for showing up. As stated earlier, these children will be let down, and they will be put down. It is the parent’s job to build them back up, but not inflate their ego. When they become narcissistic, they start to believe that they are good enough and they never strive to improve. When this happens and they grow up to be old enough that they do not get participation trophies anymore, the inverse happens to them because they have been taught their entire life that failure is so bad no one should ever have to go through it.

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