Theme of Journey in Grapes of Wrath

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In John Steinbecks famous novel, The Grapes of Wrath, Tom Joad and the rest of the Joad family go through a wild journey in search of jobs in California during the great depression. When Tom gets out of prison, he sees the effects the Oklahoma Dust Bowl. He meets Jim Casy on his way home, and they find the rest of the Joads family together after they got kicked out of their family home by the landowners.

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The economy is very poor as a result of the Stock Market Crash. It is often time referred to as the worst economic downfall in United States history. There are no jobs in Oklahoma anymore because there is no farm and soil to grow anything, leaving thousands of families with no income. As the Joad family travels across the country, they encounter a various amount of different people, some help them, and some do not. Throughout the novel, the reader learns about how difficult it really was to live in this time period. Before all this everything was fantastic, jobs everywhere, people were just throwing money away because of how much they were making. After the crash, nobody had any money saved because it was all invested in the stock market. People had kids they could not feed, they had to deal with plenty of death and their well-being. Although the text is fiction, it captures the things people had to do to survive. It shows the important of family and how working together is extremely important in a time of need.

In the beginning of the novel, once Tom and Casy make it to Uncle John Joads house, the family gets ready to start their journey to California. The familys first struggle was trying to get money in order to make the drive. we sol all the stuff at our place, an the whole bunch pf is chopped cotton, even Grampa (page 83). From selling everything, they only got $200. This shows how hard the times were during the Great Depression, nobody was looking to buy anything. This was because there were very few jobs and the people with a job, saved all their money in case they lost the job. After buying a truck for seventy-five dollars, the Joads were not left with a lot of money, considering they are traveling with a very big group of people. It was a very tough car ride for the family as well. With so many people and only one car, people were forced to go on the rough in the blazing hot sun. Another struggle people had to deal with was just leaving everything they ever knew behind. I never had my house pushed over, she said. I never had my fambly stuck out on the road.

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