The World Commits Suicide

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Everyone’s life is extremely valuable. However, a person who does not believe in himself or herself, is doomed and needs to keep his or her honor, or is being forced, will take his own or her own life. While most people that committed suicide were people that very few will ever know about, some were famous politicians, writers, artists, and other celebrities.

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All these people, well-known or not, have each impacted the world in many small and/or large ways. By killing themselves, they denied themselves the ability to make more changes and choose more choices. The history of the world could be immensely different if it were not for the people that took their own lives.

The first recorded mention of suicide is in an Ancient Egyptian document, The Dispute between a Man and His Ba, in which a man wants to kill himself but his soul threatens to leave him if he does. If the ancient Egyptians were writing about suicide four thousand years ago, people must have been killing themselves even before then.

The first recorded suicide of an important non-Biblical person was that of Socrates, a Greek philosopher. Socrates came up with the basics of what would eventually become Western philosophy and taught some of next next great philosophers, Plato and Xenophon. Socrates’s ideas were contrary to those of almost everyone around him, so he was told to either abandon his philosophy or to poison himself. Socrates could have escaped instead of doing either, but he chose to kill himself in 399 BC. If Socrates escaped to another land, he could have created more great philosophers and world-changing ideas.

Around the 12th century, a form of ritual suicide called seppuku was created in Japan. Samurai who were about to be defeated on the battlefield or had escaped before or after losing would cut open their stomachs and bleed to death.

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