The Whole Gun Issue Is Kind

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The whole Gun issue is kind of interesting if you view it from a non-political, and strictly economic, perspective. The US was founded on, and can thank its amazing early and rapid growth due to the power of three major financial institutions : Cotton, Tobacco, and Slavery. Property ownership is another one, but not nearly as powerful as those three.

Because many people were not intellectually mature enough to yet perceive slavery as inherently wrong, and tobacco as bad for you ( We can leave cotton out of that, although it is directly tied to slavery), these financial institutions flourished for quite some time. It took about 250 (1620- 1850’s) years for people to wake up to the fact that slavery is inherently unjust, wrong and not suited to an advanced civilization (obviously making slavery illegal did nothing to address racism & segregation, but it was a good first step). It took about 350 years ( 1620s- 1960’s) for people to realize that tobacco is deadly, thanks to the obvious ( millions dying from lung cancer).

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The financial power of slavery was so great that it caused a Civil War, with thousands and thousands of grisly deaths and men lost.
The aftermath of the end of slavery as illegal was the next 100 years of segregation, lynchings, and horrific racism, which continues to this day, although, en masse, is probably less than ever, and will continue to dwindle away in tiny increments due to a an ever more mixed society.

The financial power of tobacco was ( and is ) so utterly huge that they fought the regulations against them tooth and nail ( you can look this up on your own). Tobacco companies have lost huge amounts of business in the USA – sales are nothing compared to what they used to be – they don’t even try here anymore – they have given up, and now ( literally) focus on selling tobacco to children in 3rd world countries.

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