The War Novel “The Sun Also Rises”

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The Sun Also Rises is a war novel published in 1926 by Ernest Hemingway. This book is inspired by a true story, and is one of the works that made him very famous in the nineteen-twenties. The Sun Also Rises is narrated in the first person from the limited perspective of Jakes Barnes, the center of the story.

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This book tells the story of a group of American and British tourists in Paris, France. He and his friends are writers and artists for during World War I. They pass all their days sitting around in bars and cafes, drinking large amounts of alcohol. They took a trip in Pamplona, Spain, and decided to go there because they wanted to travel, fish, and see the running of the bulls. Many dramatic events happen during this trip because of some affairof love that the characters have between each other. This novel discusses many themes that writers use to write their books. In this book the major themes are masculinity, romanticism (love), disillusionment, power, and escapism. Every theme in this novel is assimilated to different characters, especially the main characters. Jake’s narration is insensible and detached. He tells the story as a journalist and explains every situation with many details. He never leaves the reader uninterested. But for our studies, this paper will discuss the ‘perspective of love’ point of view presented by Hemingway.

The theme of love is very interesting in this novel because it’s hard to identify when someone is really in love with someone, and when they are not. I’m writing this paper on this topic because the theme of love is the one who conduct the reader to be more focus.The Possibility of True Love in the View of Ernest Hemingway The romantic partners in The Sun Also Rises have a habit of exhibiting personality changes often. Despite the fact that marriage is sometimes mentioned, it is always a disastrous and unhappy affair for characters such as Cohn. Robert Cohn has divorced his wife, whom he was married to for five years and had three children. Some time later, he thinks he has found love and gets in a relationship with a young woman named Frances Coyne, a woman who is a possessive and manipulative social climber. But some time later he decides to leave her to have an affair with another important character in the novel named Brett, better known as Lady Brett Ashley. Most of the time in novels, the beginnings of the real love scenes come in many forms, from beautiful landscape frames, to restaurants, to romantic outlets etc. But here, the characters do not establish a domestic life for themselves. Nocturnal drinking and long meals in public places are the main domestic activity in the novel.

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