The War between USA and Japan

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The US dropped an atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945. A lot of questions still linger why President Harry Truman ordered for the use of the atomic bomb on the Japanese. However, looking at the circumstances, several reasons may have necessitated the president’s decision.

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First, the war was taking long to end with many American casualties, and the president was determined to end the war once and for all (Browne). The Japanese forces were not surrendering anytime soon, and with the increasingly adverse effects of the war on the economy and other aspects of the society, the president made the bold decision. There were also fears that the entry of the Soviet Union into the war would escalate the issue hence the need to bring the war to lasting end.

The president also ordered the bombing due to wide support he received both from his top advisors and the American public. Before the bombing, President Truman had constituted a committee to deliberate on the issue and give way forward. The committee was chaired Secretary of War Henry Stimson. The deliberations produced wide consensus backing the decision to use the atomic bomb on the Japanese city (Browne). The American public also supported the government decision since the prolonged effects of the war were adversely affecting them.

The US had also made advancements in bomb technology and had recently developed the atomic bomb. The Japanese war, therefore, provided an excellent ground for testing the effectiveness of the weapon (Kaiser). The scientist making who were taking part in the developing of the latest nuclear technology recommended the use of the bomb as a tool to review what needed to be done in improving the weaponry technology for the US military (Lindee 673).

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