The Victoria Secret Industry’s Influence on Women in Society

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Popular culture has portrayed a large influence on society for decades now. It defines how we as human beings perceive reality and the outlook we have on body image. The effect of popular culture helps us establish a bond within our community and strengthen the interaction with others.

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In today’s generation, we are surrounded by pop culture. Things like TV shows, movies, music, or even magazines are all factors that hold a society together and gives a sense of shared identity and meaning that encourages people to live their life a certain way; however we see more of a negative impact that pop culture has on today’s humanity. The media industry portrays how women should be viewed in size and beauty. Social media and shows like the Victoria Secret fashion show influence how women should perceive their bodies.

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show is an annual event that takes place in cities around the globe. Within every year of the show, you have models like Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner walking down the runway with either lingerie or the signature clothing of Victoria Secret– the angel wings. You have models going down the aisle with bras that emphasize their breast and underwear which highlights their thin waists and long legs. The models in the show are portrayed as angels because according to society they have achieved the perfection of how beauty is perceived in today’s society. For example, according to America’s Terrifying Beauty Standards, Serena Fix explains what society thinks the ideal beauty standard should be interpreted as. In her article she states how, a woman should have big breasts and a big butt. She should also have a flat stomach. Fix explains that society and social media try to convey to females that being skinny and tall is the definition of beauty. She tries to show the audience that in order to achieve that perfect body, females have to lose weight and have the average height of five feet and ten inches (Fix, 2018). In most religions, angels are defined as spiritual beings that serve God. However, throughout popular culture, they are represented in different ways. For instance, in children’s television shows/cartoons, a toddler with wings is known as cupid. In movies like Cinderella, the fairy Godmother symbolizes a caring, affectionate idol to the princess that mostly focuses on allocating the soul purpose of helping Cinderella. She is not perceived as what today’s society defines angels as. On the contrary, in the Victoria Secret fashion industry, the angels are slim females with a curvy physic, which is what the media now thinks the definition of an angel is. The models in Victoria’s Secret are referred as angels because according to social media this is how you should define beauty.

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