The Vegetarian Diet

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Today’s society views veganism as “negative.” There is a constant struggle between vegans and people who despise them. Individuals dislike vegetarians and vegans because of their opposing view on the food practices of most of the society. The non-vegetarian individuals believe that these practices are a very important aspect of what makes up their social identity.

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When one views this constant struggle between vegetarians and non-vegetarians, it somewhat portrays the ongoing debate about feminism. This is because in both situations, the vegetarians and the feminists both seem to be on the more logical side of the debate. We do not need to get into the debate about feminism, but we know that vegetarians and their diets, also known as a plant-based diet, seem to have no negative effects whatsoever. If we dig down deeper into why a plant-based diet is more beneficial than any other type of diet, we find that this diet prevents many different diseases and illnesses. The diet, if done right, also benefits local agriculture and the many small businesses that are not government-sponsored. This diet can also benefit the environment much more than humans think. Of course, one of the older reasons for switching to a vegan diet deals with the ethical side of the debate. There are a lot of humans in the world that do not think that animals deserve to be physically and emotionally harmed for food. But humans have been questioning whether we as are supposed to be killing animals for food for a long time now. All said, the health side is no doubt the most important reason for why one should go vegan.

According to nutritionist Michael F. Jacobson, at least one of every sixth deaths in the United States are caused by the poor dietary lifestyle of us humans. The average American citizen is more likely to die from a disease related to their diet and not getting enough physical activity than from smoking tobacco, homicides, and car accidents. The list goes on, but what exactly are these dietary “diseases?” Some of the major ones are different types of cancers, diabetes, heart diseases, and strokes. And how do we even know that this is true? Well, there has been research that proves that the consumption of meat and dairy products are critical “causes of chronic diseases” (Jacobson 21). There have also been studies showing that vegetarians live longer and are “less prone” to chronic diseases. Regarding the debate between vegetarians and non-vegetarians, who is morally right here? Sure, meat is good, but the long-term risks of consuming meat are just not worth consuming it regularly. There is a numerous amount of studies that meat-eaters are “more susceptible to heart disease” alone (Petter). Yes, it’s fine to have meat occasionally, but consuming it daily can lead to some health problems.

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