The Unethical Nature Of Animal Testing

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The morality of animal testing has been a controversial subject since its popularity rise in the 19th century, when the first organization against animal cruelty was formed. Since then, the desire to ban animal testing has progressed to the point that hundreds of organizations opposing animal experimentation now exist and are actively working to prove animal testing is not ethically correct. The development of alternative testing methods has boosted this movement and made animal testing less desirable to a large portion of the United States.

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History proves tests conducted on animals in the past have resulted in incredible medical breakthroughs concerning information and cures for human diseases and ailments. However, animal testing must be eliminated in the United States due to the detriment it has on the federal budget, the unreliability of animal experimentation results on products made for human consumption, and the moral issue associated with using animals as test subjects.

The United States government is constantly working to find methods to reduce excessive spending that contributes to the national debt; however, the detriment animal testing causes to the country’s budget is often overlooked. The United States allows a yearly budget to organizations participating in animal experimentation, and this amount is excessive and cost-intensive. In 2018, in accordance to the Consolidated Appropriations Act, the National Institute for Health (NIH) was budgeted 36 billion dollars for research and testing. (United States Congress). Of this budgeted amount, approximately 47% was used for animal testing (International Animal Research Regulations). This calculation amounts to approximately 17 billion dollars and does not include the money spent by other organizations that receive funding for animal testing, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Considering the national debt faced by the United States, this sum of money should not be spent on experimentation on animals. Cost is an issue when it comes to animal testing, not just morality.

Furthermore, the development of alternative, non-animal testing methods has proven that non-animal tests are far more cost-effective than traditional animal tests. When looking at research comparing the cost of performing animal tests versus non-animal tests, it is evident the United States can liberate a portion of the detriment it suffers when budgeting animal testing for certain organizations. In an article written by The Humane Society, the organization discusses the cost of In Vitro testing, which is the process of using cells and microorganisms to study diseases and treatments,

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