The Truth Behind Alzheimer’s Disease

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It’s not uncommon for an individual to suffer from episodes of forgetfulness, it happens everyday, in fact it is partly a good thing that we forget certain things because if we didn’t, our minds would be over filled with all the information we have ever retained. However the things we tend to forget are usually small and won’t affect our lives to drastically. For example, forgetting the name of a song you recently learned about or my favorite, when men forget to put the toilet seat down.

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But what would you do if your memory was so bad that you began to forget how complete simple everyday tasks, and couldn’t ever remember how to do so. Imagine waking up in the morning and not knowing or understanding where you are. Or on the other hand, imagine looking at one of your parents and they fail to recognize you one day.

Alzheimer’s disease is a brain disease in which damaged and dying brain cells cause mental deterioration over a period of time (Blackwell and Manar, 2015 p.125). The problem with alzheimer’s disease is that it is an irreversible disease that progresses over time and nearly anyone can get it! According to Kivipelto and Hakansson (2017), in the US, alone 32% of people over the age of 85 have been diagnosed with alzheimer’s and this is expected to increase. There is an estimated 50 million people with alzheimer’s disease and, By 2050 if no new treatments succeed in delaying the condition, more than 130 million may suffer with some form of the disease. About 60 to 70 percent of these patients will have Alzheimer’s dementia, and around 20 to 25 percent will be classified as suffering from the vascular form of the illness. (Kivipelto and Hakansson, 2017). That’s a scary thought to think about because this disease could affect, your parents, your spouse or more scarily yourself! I personally get to see my residents at work suffer from the disease which lead me to be more and more curious as to what it actually was. What causes Alzheimer’s, how does someone take care of one with the disease and what does one with this disease have to deal with in terms of behavior are all questions that came to mind after first hearing about the disease.

We may never know why some people get alzheimer’s and other people do not but according to Bennett (2016), and although there is no known cause, genetics come into play and some people are just unfortunate to inherit high-risk genes associated with the disease. This disease deteriorates the brain so much that even the size of the brain shrinks according to Blackwell and Manar, (2015). This is because with alzheimer’s disease follows brain cell death. The cause of this cell death is greatly explained as follows: Today we know that these classic features are accumulations of malfunctioning proteins”mostly misfolded fragments of beta-amyloid in the plaques and abnormal tau in the tangles (Bennett,

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