The Truth And Justice By Arthur Miller

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How would you feel to be accused or to have people start rumors behind your back? Arthur Miller uses the theme twisting of the truth and justice to teach his audience that people blame others and become innocent. During the Salem Witch Trials and in the book which is based off of The Crucible by Arthur Miller. In the novel you can learn about how the girls were spreading lies and accusing citizens of Salem for being a witch.

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In this essay you will learn about how you can get accused for not doing anything and getting blamed for a problem that was caused by someone else.

First, in this paragraph you will learn about how many people cause a problem then accuse another person for starting it. One thing from The Crucible that you can compare to life is the girls in the book and play accusing the citizens of Salem of witchcraft. The girls are like people in life causing a crime/problem, then saying someone that is near did it. For example, Betty says,I saw George Jacobs with the Devil!(Page 48). This shows that the girls were falsely accusing people for no reason.

Secondly, throughout this paragraph you can learn about people getting caught then being scared about a problem that they have never caused. For example, it states, for some beneficiaries were actually not victims at all(Page 146). This proves that the beneficiaries were accused of being innocent. Most bystanders when they get caught, but really they are innocent there is nothing that they can do to prove their innocence to the authorities.

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