The Truth About Scientific Racism

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Throughout the decades scientific racism has been brought up less, but that does not mean that it ever went away. People use science to try and prove their theories that claim that the white race is superior above all. Although people in the past would measure people’s skulls and weigh their brains in order to provide evidence to their claims, it ultimately came down to people being at a certain white standard.

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Scientific racism has been proven wrong time and time again, but even in today’s society with the new political leaders, human rights for minorities are being dismissed because people who are white believe they are naturally superior.

In The Mismeasure of Man by Stephen Jay Gould, he talks about Paul Broca, a French physician, and how he would measure different peoples skulls as well as weigh their brains in order to prove that white people were smarter than anyone else. It is mentioned that Broca claimed that the size of the brain corresponds with intelligence and that white males have the biggest brains; larger brains than women, poor people, and lower races.1 When Broca would stumble upon issues, such as a white male’s brain not weighing enough, he would simply write down a larger number for the mass he was recording.2 This makes Broca’s findings unreliable because there were white males with smaller brains than black males, which would never happen if his claims were true.

As well as that, in Race and the Enlightenment by Emmanuel Chukwudi Eze, an essay is shown by Immanuel Kant who believes that all people originated from a white brunette and that black people are essentially white people who have been stained.3 Kant explains how all people are born white, but some are born with a specific dark spot that later spreads and eventually turns someone black.

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