The Truth About Rap Drastically Changing Society

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“Hey, Slim, that’s my girlfriend screamin’ in the trunk, but I didn’t slit her throat, I just tied her up”(Eminem). Rap music is a bad influence on teenagers, and plays a huge role in many kids lives (Abdul-Karim). It creates kids being violent, with the influence of violent context in songs that lead to drug or alcohol abuse (Abdul- Karim).

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According to Dr. Brian Primack from The University of Pittsburgh, “A person comes across 251 references of drugs per day in rap music” (Acharya). A 1986 context analysis of forty hours of rap music, sex and violence was linked to 80% of all rap music (Hattemer). Today’s rap music lyrics are meaner, and more explicit talking about sex, hatred, drugs and violence (Ford). An audience listening to rap music does have an effect by hearing all the terrible references a rapper says including sexual and drug references that impact the youth. It’s reported that listening to violence or drug use songs, kids are more likely to be violent or try drugs.

The development of rap music all began in the 70’s by a Jamaican vocalist, DJ U-Roy: he had three top ten songs and a style called toasting (Adaso). Eventually, rap started to evolve into a masterpiece in the late 80’s. Whodini, however, was the first group to shoot a rap music video and release it to the public. Then in the early 90’s, Ice Cube and Easy E took a turn and started to rap and release music about growing up and their early years as opposed to other rappers, who rapped about the gangsta lifestyle (Whit). In the mid 90’s Dr. Dre and Snoop Dog made an album named Doggystyle, which was the first album to enter Billboard chart at #1; a year after that, Ready To Die by Notorious B.I.G was one of the biggest albums released in rapping industry. In the early 2000’s, a new face came into the rap world: Eminem. He was the first white rapper, who competed in rap battles in Detroit. He was then founded by Dr. Dre, who started his career and later on released one of his first albums Encore, that went four-times platinum and would change the rap game entirely. Female rappers—such as Nicki Minaj and Queen Latifah—have led many females to the rap industry to inspire more female rappers to hit the platforms and pursue their dreams. There are many unmeaning-full rappers including Asap Rocky, Kendrick Lamar and Drake, who just rap about superficial things: money, drugs, and violence (Whit). The evolution of rapping has change into a phenomenon and has changed the way music has been interpreted, creating more violent kids by the lyrics of music.

The media plays a huge part in violence in our community (Abdul).

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