The Treaty of Versailles and a World War II

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After a quick overview of World War I along it?s war ending accord, the Treaty of Versailles, the general assumption that this agreement set up the perfect scene for World War II to start came up for discussion, leaving no other option but to detailly study the Treaty to further understand how it could have caused the start of World War II. In order to have an accurate judgement on whether the peace treaty of Paris was really responsible for the start of World War II it was key to do an analysed research on the agreement. The result of this research was very clear leaving the final answer that the Treaty of Versailles was indeed the main case of the start of WWII due to the harsh sanctions put on Germany after the war, along with that the way that it put down all German morale leading Adolf Hitler the perfect opportunity to spread nationalistic ideas that promoted the start of the war..

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The Treaty of Versailles was a treaty signed in Versailles, France, in June 1919, with the aim of ending a war that had devastated the entire world and never before seen in the history of mankind. Its purpose was to establish the guidelines of world peace and avoid future conflicts that would lead to a catastrophe similar to the one recently experienced.

The following research paper will try to explain how this treaty was signed by some of the world’s greatest powers and, once explained, try to demonstrate at what level it can be considered one of the causes of the Second World War, emphasizing the points considered more conflictive and whose consequences could give reason to future international conflicts.

To carry out this work, I will rely especially on the Treaty of Versailles and its relationship, direct and indirect, with Germany, since in my opinion, this was the most affected country and was the nation where the terms of the treaty had the most repercussions, giving rise to subsequent reactions of great importance when it comes to establishing a why to the Second World War. In addition, it is in my opinion appropriate to make an attempt to represent the main interests of each of the nations involved, at the end of the First World War, which were reflected in the preparation of the treaty.

The Defeat of the Central Powers

The German spring offensive of 1918 was launched by Ludendorff in a last desperate attempt to win the war before too many American troops arrived and before the discontent in Germany unleashed a revolution. The attempt was about to succeed: by taking advantage of all the additional troops unoccupied in the east, the Germans made their way into the Somme (March) and by the end of May they were only 65 kilometers from Paris;

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