The Treatment Of PTSD On Veterans

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Post-traumatic stress disorder also known as PTSD is a physiological condition caused by exposure to traumatic events in a human’s life experience. This condition is mostly diagnosed to those recognized as veterans. They have lived their life to serve but experience life’s most traumatic events while doing their job. For example, have you ever had a bomb or many shots fired towards you while trying to save someone else’s life, well they have, so any thing that triggers that can affect their whole life.

Post-traumatic stress disorder affects veterans in many ways and it leaves them scarred with flashbacks from the event or events that traumatized them. According to one of the veterans returning from war said the following, The first time I experienced what I now understand to be post-traumatic stress disorder, I was in a subway station in New York City, and I’d just come back from two months in Afghanistan I was on assignment to write a profile of Massoud, who fought a desperate resistance against the Taliban until they assassinated him two days before 9/11. At one point during my trip we were on a frontline position that his forces had just taken over from the Taliban, by the time I got home, though, I wasn’t thinking about that or any of the other horrific things we’d seen; I mentally buried all of it until one day, a few months later, when I went into the subway. Suddenly I found myself backed up against a metal support column, absolutely convinced I was going to die.

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There were too many people on the platform, the trains were coming into the station too fast, the lights were too bright, the world was too loud. I couldn’t quite explain what was wrong, but I was far more scared than I’d ever been in Afghanistan. I stood there with my back to the column until I couldn’t take it anymore, I had no idea that what I’d just experienced had anything to do with combat; I just thought I was going crazy. (Jonathan Franzen, pg 86) Post-traumatic stress disorder affects your behavior that is agitation where they are flooded with some sort of nervous excitement and anxiety, irritability, hostility, hypervigilance, self-destructive behavior, or social isolation. Then there is the Psychological side which includes flashback, fear, severe anxiety, or mistrust. It affects their Mood, loss of interest or pleasure in activities, guilt, or loneliness. And then is also often followed by insomnia or nightmares, emotional detachment or unwanted thoughts.

These are the most common effects that post-traumatic stress disorder has on veterans and it can come in a various amount of intensity and then that causes for different types of treatment. The effects of post-traumatic stress disorder include the re-experiencing of the traumatic event that the victim experienced,

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