The Treatment of College Athletes

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What is the actual purpose for college sports? Although college has always been considered a stepping stone on an individual’s path to achieving their full potential, the question of just how to make the time itself in college useful is rarely asked.
College athletes are currently attend university with their attention torn between both their academic life and their sports career. Students could be part of 24 possible programs, from their football team, field hockey, water polo, all the way to gymnastics. The number of student athletes registered with the NCAA is currently 460000.

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In this paper we hope to verbalize the increasing costs of being a college athlete, and the relative pay as a result.

Even with athletes on a scholarship receive an education valued at 60,000 a year and is constantly increasing, Scholarships have slowly become commodity products, often having an actual value that is heavily dependent on the activities of the student and is not equivalent to receiving a cash value equal to the value of their scholarship.

College students need to live a very different lifestyle from the average student. Whether or not the actual college athlete is actually on scholarship, the university system is not taking the proper steps to educate their athletes on what they are signing up for. Between the psychological pressure that can be felt from students and alumni on their performance, efforts to be a professional, or the limitations on other activities, students that are athletes need extra warning from the university about what they are giving up.

The psychological warfare of sports is something that is not talked about at either the professional or the college level. It is now something that the population takes for granted as a given. In some ways it is, if you are going to be in the public eye, then you are going to take public scrutiny. In no other public activity is an individual constantly being watched than public sports. There are more statistics, and coverage for the individual members of the NFL than there is for members of congress. Aside from the position of President of the United States, these athletes take on an extreme amount of pressure, and they start on this path in college as young as 18.

Taking an individual that is less in a sport that might not be properly appreciated by the public, they are still under pressure from their fellow athletes. They are competing to maintain a quality of performance that allows them to continue to play their activity. The amount of effort that they put in over what is really their entire life can be squandered by an injury, or by being overshadowed by another player. The sheer competition between their teammates is at a high level,

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