The Transformation

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Jessica woke up one morning to a strange feeling of herself. She immediately looked at the clock that was hanging on the wall of her room and instantly realized that she was late for her morning vocal classes. There and then, she heard a gentle knock on her door. It was her mother calling out to her as she reminded her that she was late for her classes. Moreover, her friend Janie had come by to pick her up so that they could go to the vocal classes together. Jessica and Janie had been best friends from their childhood, and in fact, their friendship had united their families significantly. Jessica’s mother at her door wondered why her daughter had overslept when normally she would wake up on time. By then Janie had joined Jessica’s mother at the door to call out for Jessica who apparently was not only hesitating to open her bedroom door but also had not responded to her mother’s calls. Nevertheless, in the room, Jessica realized that she had difficulties getting off her bed. Additionally, she had tried a couple of times to respond to her mother’s calls at her bedroom door but realized that both her mother and friend did not notice her sounds. In her relentless attempts to get off her bed, Jessica managed to roll on her bed and eventually fell on her bedroom floor. There and then she crawled to her bedroom door and by the support the door itself she managed to unlock the door lock, and instantly the door flung open. To Jessica’s shock, her mother had passed out instantly on seeing her while her friend screamed in great shock. For a moment Jessica was deeply perplexed, but after a couple of seconds trying to figure out what was going on,

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