The Theme of Huck’s Development

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The theme of Hucks development from a young boy to a young man is heavily portrayed in the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by its author Mark Twain. The gradual growth and maturity of Huck since he was a young boy helps to build on theme and depicts him as a young protagonist. Generally, it gives a clear picture of his adventures with Negro Jim and the Mississippi river.

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Hucks growth is mostly embodied on the independent choices that he makes through changing his attitude that helps and contributes to his moral growth. Just like many other young men he is split between the societal status quo and the beliefs it holds and making conscious decisions on his own (Twai, 2003) From being uncivilized Huck continuously learns the art of following his instincts to make the right decision and not allowing both the internal and external factors to play the major role in shaping his decisions. The paper will categorically analyze three scenes that show how Huck development from being a young boy to a young man is progressively depicted in the novel.

Scene 1: Hucks interaction with Negro Jim

During the first parts of the play Huck is portrayed to be very immature and mostly complies with the societal standards that had been set. Before meeting with Jim, Huck suffered from inferiority complex that had resulted from living with a drunken father whom was also abusive. During this point and stage it was very difficult for him to have any concept of morality since he was very young. After meeting with Negro Jim he undergoes several events that enables him to make his own judgments and also become a critical thinker as well. At first Jim is not so clever and intelligent but he is very honest and trustworthy and always aims to help others. He played an important role in teaching Huck the true definition of friendship and loyalty which helps him to undergo a transformation in his early stages. First Jim loves his family very much and hence treats the little man as his own son. This helps to bring out real change and transformation considering the fact that, Huck always felt alone and came from an abusive family that did not care a lot. This helps to build his trust and loyalty and even realize the importance of friendship. Overcoming the slavery mentality where the society never cared about each other was an attitude change that Jim wanted to impact on Hucks. During their adventure a fog separates the two and Jim is filled with a lot of joy to see Huck alive again. At this point it is clear that Jim was willing to sacrifice a lot in order to ensure that his friends safety was maintained.

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