The Theme of Freedom and Childhood in Jane Eyre

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Jane Eyre From her trials during childhood with her abusive Aunt and relatives, to her time at Lowood, her affection for Mr. Rochester, and her teaching and encounters with the Rivers. Jane learns many valuable and worthwhile lessons throughout the book.

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From childhood Jane was forthright, and slowly she learned how to stand up for herself; starting with her reproaching John Reed for hitting her. The outcome of this unfortunately lead to Jane being sent to Lowood an institution for orphans; there it was very harsh, cold, and mean, but Jane was lucky enough to make friends with Helen and also Miss Temple. Jane remained at the school for eight years, six as a student and two as a teacher. Finally with the education she had gained she became a governess at Thornfield Manor for a French girl named Adele. Jane worked under the command of Mr. Rochester.

The many events that happen at Thornfield cause Jane to feel many different emotions; joy, despair, frustration, love and hope. She finally becomes a teacher and lives with the Rivers. Later finding out she has an inheritance from her uncle. Which she shares with the Rivers. Theres a lot to this book and Jane changes a lot. from Gateshead to Lowood school, Jane freedom andwas no longer confined to her cruel aunts house. No more bully, no more ignorance and no more loneliness, Jane was able to adjust herself into a normal girl. Through learning from Helen and God, since Lowood School was Christian, Jane realized the sense of obedience. This learning helped her attitude to accept challenges and difficulties,

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