The Spouses Of Okonkwo

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The lives of the spouses of Okonkwo, similarly as with every one of the wives of Umuofia, were cruel, loaded up with diligent work and little rest. Despite the fact that their harvests were considered of minimal worth alongside the King Yam, the ladies financed the family suppers with cassava root and coco-yam. They arranged all dinners, kept separate houses from their better half, brought up the kids, and kept up hearth and home. Likewise with numerous societies since the beginning, the men were ostensibly in control however the ladies were the genuine rulers and defenders of the family.

This is most exemplified when the priestess Chielo seeks Ezinma. Ezinma’s mom Ekwefi, unfit to endure the possibility of her solitary little girl being diverted in the night, chooses to pursue Chielo as she travels through every one of the towns of the Umuofia, conveying Ezinma on her back. The night is long, and alarming and at one point Ekwefi “was afraid to the point that she almost shouted to Chielo for friendship and human sensitivity” (Achebe 78) however she doesn’t surrender though Okonkwo, celebrated for his dauntlessness, remains behind. It is just a few hours into the difficulty that Okonkwo chooses to visit Chielo’s place of worship, searching for his significant other and little girl. He doesn’t discover them and leaves, just to restore a few additional occasions for the duration of the night. Ezinma and Ekwefi in the end return, tired yet safe.

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In this case, the sexual orientation divisions are toppled. Chielo is only the priestess and handmaiden for the god Agbala. Ekwefi’s choice to pursue Chielo, in spite of exhortations not to, can be viewed as immediate disobedience of the god, and thusly, resistance of men. Ekwefi anyway never thinks about this; she is just a mother in dread for her single tyke. Okonkwo is the person who holds up restlessly at home, dreadful of irritated the god. As is regularly the situation, with regards to issues of soul, and the heart, the ladies are frequently the ones to lead the pack and face their feelings of trepidation, particularly when the life of a tyke is at stake.

In any case, the peruser really want to consider this resistance in light of the way that the downfall and outcast of Okonkwo and his family happens a minor two days after the pseudo-black market voyage of Ekwefi and Ezinma. It appears that “the story closer views the weakening of Okonkwo at correctly the point where it builds on the other hand feasible connotations around the ladies” (Osei-Nyame 159).

Further castration of Okonkwo and every one of the men of Umuofia will happen later in the account, when the British Christians arrive, and start to endeavor to take all specialist and significance from the clans.

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