The Soccer World And Others

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U.S. Soccer, the governing body for the sport in America, pays the members of the men’s and women’s teams for international matches. The men’s team earns higher wages in comparison to the women’s team.

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A perfect example of this case is when the women only earned $2 million the summer of 2015 for winning the World Cup while the men’s team earned $9 million without advancing past the round of 16 in the 2014 World Cup. Five of the women’s players filed a federal complaint accusing the U.S. of discrimination of wages even with their revenue increase.

The soccer world and others should care and be mindful of this because of the equal employment opportunities and the equal protection clause for both men and women. In the end, we are in search of equal opportunities for our future and for the little boys and girls who have dreams to succeed as well. U.S. Soccer may think they can get away with this because the majority of sports that pay their women players are always lower than the men’s sports. There was a time where the women’s national soccer team were making more than the men’s team. There will always be a controversy within the wage difference between men and women. At some point, there should be a solution and an agreement on how much everyone makes.

I won’t settle for less than equal pay, Former National Women’s Soccer Goalie Hope Solo, said with strong words fighting for equal pay as a professional women’s soccer player. This has been a constant debate throughout time about the equal pay between men and women in the professional sports industry. Many women argue that they do just as much as men do in their field. From training camps to similar training periods and even equivalent working conditions. Throughout this paper, we will touch on some major factors as to why women should get paid the same amount as men do.

To begin, throughout the duration of a soccer player’s career they go through many different levels before becoming a professional. They typically come up in the youth academy programs and then they move into high school level, from here they normally select a college to attend and they can opt out after their first year to enter the draft. From here, this is where we run into major issues with differentiating between both genders in this sport.

Professional soccer players on the men side of things tend to make on average about $60,000, and they can see an upwards of up to $300,000 in wages per year.

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