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AIU Online MGT240-1003B-01 Unit 5(DB) The Smart Chips Company The Smart Chips Company is in an immediate need of product reconstruction due to other competitors cloning their micro- chips and selling them at extremely low prices that anyone couldn’t resist. In order for The Smart Chip Company to undergo these drastic changes, first they will need to determine how they will input these six requirements of Value Chain Management and utilize them in hopes of remaining competitive in the long run.

The six requirements for Value Chain Management are as follows, Coordination and Collaboration, Technology Investment, Organizational Process, Leadership, Employees and Human Resources, and Organizational Culture and Attitudes. At The Smart Chips Company, I would utilize Coordination and Collaboration by getting our employees to come together and continue corresponding effectively with our consumers and ensuring that our products are being distributed to our merchants in a suitable manner while ensuring that we continuously supply our exceptional services.

The Smart Chips Company can utilize Technology Investment by bringing in more sufficient investment techniques that will enhance their technology in terms of making their products operate faster or better due to upgrading. This process will help their products hold up in the information technology industry in the long run along with the gain of long term profits. For example, at American Standard’s Trane facilities, a comprehensive IT strategy throughout its value chain, which extends globally, has helped it achieve significant work process improvements (Coulter & Robbins, 2009).

The Smart Chips Company can utilize the Organizational Process by organizing the way that their products are being delivered. They should also change the way that they organize their products to satisfy their customers and their suppliers. Because the goal in value chain management is meeting and exceeding customers’ needs and desires,

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