The Salem Witchcraft Crisis Of 1692

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Mary Beth Norton is a Historian and American History Professor at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY. Norton has been instructing college students since 1971. Norton has graduated from the University of Michigan and she moved forward to earn a PhD with Harvard University. Norton is also the founder of the Womenr’s Studies Program at Cornell University. Mary was the author of the book Founding Mothers and Fathers taking her to the final round for the Pulitzer Prize in history in 1997 (Baron Lecture-Mary Beth Norton).

In the Devilr’s Snare: The Salem Witchcraft Crisis of 1692 the events of the Salem Witch Crisis took place. Citizens of Massachusetts were in a wide range panic and the accusations of witches was getting out of control. Norton starts the novel with a thesis, I failed to anticipate when I first embarked on this project. (In the Devilr’s Snare, Page 4, Paragraph 3). Norton expected to base this volume largely on a feminist reinterpretation of familiar materials, primarily the court records published in the Salem Witchcraft Papers and other documents commonly consulted by Salem scholars. (In the Devilr’s Snare, Page 4, Paragraph 3). With a feministic mindset, she started her journey on research, but what she came to discover was a potential alternate cause for the crisis of 1692. What Norton found was a new interpretation of the witchcraft crisis (In the Devilr’s Snare, Page 4, Paragraph 4).

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Norton had realized multiple things with the time period of the 1690r’s. The main idea of this book is to identify how the effects of two Indian Wars can cause massive amounts of confusion, stress, and chaos on a small town of Massachusetts. Norton identifies how the families of Salem and the surrounding areas where always threatened with attacks from the Wabanaki and similar Native American Tribes. Norton explains that in one occasion over 50 casualties occurred from a single Wabanaki attack on a northern frontier town. She explains how Salemr’s puritan government, terrified and defensive due to failures of protecting the frontier from French and Indian attacks,

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