The Role Of Women During And After The American Revolution

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According to Harriet Beecher Stowe, an American abolitionist Women are the architect of the society. Women played a key role in the construction of American society. However, the Declaration of Independence of the United States excludes many people. The document declares that all men are created equal but it did not mention women. While women played an important role in American society and this role will change during and after the revolution.

The American Revolution was the result from political will of the 13th colonies to be independent against the British crown. Some of these roles were traditional like nursing while other were quite scandalous for this time such as soldier. Generally, the influence of women increases in society thanks to many events such as the boycott of British goods and their new role. At this time, men thought they were superior to women, but enlightened thinkers rejected this idea and thought that a republic could succeed only if its citizens were educated. The persons who educated children were women. They teach them the value of the republic.

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Since the 20th century, these women were called Republican Motherhood. Education of women leads to the emergence of middle-class women. And in 1848, the Seneca Falls Declaration on the rights of women contrast the Thomas Jefferson’s words by saying: All men and women are created equal…” This new era showed the birth of movements where women get involved such as the Temperance movement, the abolitionist movement, and the first feminist movement. During and after the revolution, what was the role of women in American society?

Women played a different role in the society during the American Revolution some of them where traditional and others scandalous for this time. Women were considered inferior to men they had only one role which was to manage the households and attended to the domestic task. At that time, women have no social, legal and political rights. They cannot vote or hold a public office. When they became married all their property became the property of their husband. The husbands had right over his wife and children. If women earned a salary, this salary belongs to their husbands.

Also, most women had no education because men thought that they could represent a danger if they were too educated. Men had different fear about the education of women. They were afraid that they change in their behavior. According to Jan E. Lewis who reflected in A companion to America, Women’s History, the different fears of men were: would they neglect their responsibilities to others? Would they lose their femininity? Would they become selfish, antisocial?. In contrast, the fact to overeducating men never created the same sort of fears. Women played an important role in the society in the political resistance movement against the different tax such the sugar act,

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