The Role Of Tourism In Economic Development

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All sectors of the economy play an important role in making a stable and long running development. Tourism is one of the sectors which plays an important role in development and also generates foreign revenues. This sector is peaceful and reflects the nature and beauty of the country. It helps people of far flung areas to promote their culture and norms, it also provide opportunity to country to make a better image around the world. There are many issues this sector is facing nowadays and the popularity of this sector is sliding down day by day means that people is not ready to make tours because of many problems and threats to security and life. Several studies and researches have been conducted on this tourism and its relation to development of economy and also that how can we promote this sector? How can we create better image to world and also what measures we can use to maximize the development? Michael Hitchcock (2004) had explained that tourism and culture have a deep relation. Culture is based on originality, authority, authenticity and many more. Tourists are attracted by such types of factors, he says that invest and reinvest is not modernization and it’s the human culture that remain there for a long time. Tradition is invested and process goes on its known as constructivist. Cultural transmission is not an authentic option, reproduction is not renew it have its own originality. We should make a clear difference in between the reproduction and originality. In order to save the cultural heritage and to attract tourists he says that culture should bi neat and original. Mohamed Tangi (1977) had conducted a research that Mediterranean handles one-third of world tourism that has damaged the environment of that region due to many factors. He says that Greece, Spain, Cyprus these countries are visited more and the environment is quite hurt for dense tourism to these areas. The natural sites are reduced due to excessive construction for tourists and visitors. Tourism and environment are two parallels that move together, tourism mainly depends on environment along other factors, world is facing huge and fast rising in pollution as more tourism is rising in world. Environment can be man-made, natural or cultural in nature, all have effects on tourism and vice versa, cultural environment includes art, religion and human relations, which can be effected or disturbed by tourism. The countries which are rich in these factors can attract more tourists to their region; tourists may introduce new ways or styles to the places, which can be waste or injurious to the visited destination. He explained few alternative strategies or development policies to promote tourism to the region. It includes the land use planning, expand and construct islands, holidays and pricing policy, facilities to tourists, anti-pollution and policies, training and information to locals, rules and codes of conduct. Using these and promoting these strategies country can raise its tourism level and also promote development in the region. Tourism will be based on co-operation and planning in the future world,

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