The Role of Teaching

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What is my issue and why is it an issue?

The role of teaching is undervalued in our society as evidenced by the low wages that teachers earn regardless of their levels of education and experience. Teachers deserve to get paid more due to the importance of their role and the hard work and long hours involved. Teacher pay has been a debate for a long time, yet there are still changes that need to occur.

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I believe that teachers play a critical role in our society and deserve to get paid more money. Teachers do more than just teach. They make a significant impact on students lives, not only educationally, but they also often provide stability and resources for students who may be in need. Teachers also develop relationships with their students, make them feel valued, and act as role models. The pressures of growing up in today’s world create a lot of stress and issues for students, and teachers have such responsibility to support their students development and growth.

Teachers chose to go into a career field that helps others and makes a difference. Not only do they spend time teaching in the classroom nine months out of the year, but they also spend a lot of their time outside of the classroom preparing for their next day. Once they complete their seven hour day in the classroom, they spend their nights grading homework and creating lesson plans. Not only this, a lot of teachers coach sports and clubs so they can earn a little extra money. Teaching is an around the clock job and it includes nights and weekend work. Aside from the roles in the school, many teachers also work second jobs because they just aren’t making enough money to support themselves and their families. The majority of teachers are raising families, but how are they supposed to do that when they are at work all day, coaching, and working second jobs just to meet ends meet?

Why is this issue important to me?

It is a known fact within our society that teachers are underpaid, yet highly valued. It is common knowledge that the teaching profession does not pay enough, which also impacts the ability to attract and retain people to the profession. The low pay causes many people to look down upon the profession simply because we live in a country that values money and status. It’s very frustrating as a future educator to see how little is being done about this issue and I worry about whether or not this will impact my career and financial future. Other helping professions, such as nursing, have much higher wages and more people are attracted to the profession due to the higher pay. For such a valuable role in educating our children and our society,

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