The Report On Human Behaviour And Hrm Business Essay

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In this report students have to describe 4 chosen theory of Human Behavior and Human Resources management topic. To support the theory students needs to analyze how its work in practice and describe in details the application of selected topic in the company where student did their work experience. In this report I will describe the following behavior theories: F.W Taylor management theory, Adams Equity Theory, McClelland acquired needs theory, Vroom Expectancy Theory.

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My chose HR topic is Planning, Recruitment and Selection and how this is applied in practice I will describe using my work placement experience in company called ADVANZ Hydrotherapy located in Tallaght Business Park, Dublin 24.

Terms of References

On January 2013 the Business Management teacher Karen Abberton requested a 4000-50000 word business management report on the Human Behaviour Theory and HRM. Students have to describe 4 motivation theories about human behaviour and analyse how these theories apply/work in the organisation where students do/did their work experience. This report was to be submitted by 18th March 2013 in partial completion of the FETAC, Level 6 (Business Management) module. Recommendations were requested.

Method of Procedure

Completing this report my first source of information was an actual work placement and theory covered in class. The information I got in the class I discussed with company manager, what helped me to analyze the theory and that use in real life. It is clear that theory is not fully used at work, but some of it ideas will be always placed in management work and strategy. My second source of information was internet, which I used to read more about the theories and how were these introduced to the world, why they took place in management history and what are the main points.


Description of HR topic Success of leading companies depends on the creation of efficient methods of human resources management at the organizational level. The main role of it is the formation of strategic approach to the use and development of labor potential. Any company needs to have a strategy and it is natural to choose employees to their respective strategies. I believe that the company business depends not only from the strategy but also from the management style and how managing department respect other people in the company. It is necessary that employees will be treated as assets of the company, as the human potential needs to motivate and develop in order to achieve the strategic goals of the organization. Here in this part of assignment I will describe a very important part of human resource management job such as planning, recruiting and selection. Every successful manager or company must have a plan and there is no doubt about it.

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