The Recruitment And Selection Process Business Essay

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In this report the topic that will be discussed is The Recruitment and Selection process and how it has moved on from the days of newspaper ads and block interviews. The introduction of the report will discuss recruitment and selection and the methods of recruitment and selection. The main body of the report will focus on companies today, and how they are recruiting and selecting with more innovative approaches that many companies are beginning to use in 2013. Then in the report there will be a section on some weaknesses about the ways in which companies are beginning to recruit and select. To conclude the report I will sum up everything on the topic of recruitment and selection and state my opinion. Recruitment and selection is one of the many roles played by a human resource manager in an organisation. In the human resource department they deal with what positions need to be filled, they take the possible candidates through a series of interviews, select the best candidate for the job, the training of the employees, they also tell the employees all about the services they offer and they make sure that the employees and the organisation are highly motivated. Organisations all over the world have realized that human resources is a very valuable asset to them and therefore necessary measures have been put in place to make sure that the organisation will gain and keep a highly skilled workforce which would guarantee that the organisation manage a competitive advantage over its competitors (Jones & George, 2007). In recruiting and selecting it is very important to have a clear job description and personal specification. A job description will entail what the title of the job is, to whom the job holder will be responsible and for whom they will be responsible too. It will also entail what their roles and responsibilities will be. A person specification will look for what skills and characteristics the applicants will need for the job. When applying the two together they provide the foundation for a job advertisement. Recruitment is the process in which you source possible applicants for a job. The manager who is in charge of hiring the applicants can use the likes of job boards, social networking sites, recruitment programmes that may be linked with colleges and possibly job fairs. These may be used by companies to create an interest in jobs that are available in a certain company (Peterson, J. 2013). Selection is the process where when all the candidates have been selected the group of candidates will be broken down and one out of all of them will be selected for the job. This process may and can require a couple of different interviews and assessments of the applicant’s personality (Peterson, J. 2013). For the selection of a candidate, many organisations use a range of different tools and technologies to measure a candidate’s abilities and skills, allowing them to successfully choose the most qualified candidates that would benefit the company most to proceed to the interview process.

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