The Recent Invention of Google Glass

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The recent invention of ‘Google Glass’ has stirred the world of technology, bringing forth a new revolution in wearable technological devices. The new gadget said to be released later this year, has claimed to uphold a range of possibilities in enhancing the quality of life in terms of communication through its innovative features, facilitating the way we interact with each other around the world. In relation to the many benefits provided, there are always various issues that come along with new technological products. Within this essay, I will evaluate the arguments of this topic by exploring the different perspectives for and against ‘Google Glass’ including; the many beneficial features in communication and other areas where the product can become of great use, also the various issues concerning privacy and crime. ‘Google Glass’ is an optical head mounted wearable technology with a range of easy accessible features such as hands-free components including voice and gesture control functions allowing business personnel’s, personal use and a range of other users to be able to capture memories with their eye’s and through voice control as tested by Swider (2013, pg1) “I took hands-free photos by saying; okay glass take a picture.” The beneficial attributes of Google Glass range in number as there isn’t any competition or anything like it at this stage of time. With its wireless connectivity photos, videos, podcasts and information can be shared anywhere around the world using the mentioned hands-free capabilities. With this feature businesses, journalists and other work professionals in need of access to digital media are able to capture moments of important information, send or receive it in an instance of time. In addition to its development Glass enables communication to become more easily possible with built-in microphone and a bone conduction transducer for audio signals, voice over Internet protocol (Eysenbach, 2014). Google Glass allowing communicative procedures to be more accessible on the go demonstrating a high future prospects for Google and bettering communication in our lives. Another form of its easy access transmission intelligence is the way people are able to send messages, data, photos or information through a basic head tilt, or with the touch pad on the side of the glasses. With the automatic beam of a gentle notifications by ‘Google Reminder’ information and settings that is requested by the glass owner is automatically beamed to the eye. This eliminating the struggle to take out any other device to check; notifications, weather, apps or messages, also reinforced by Swider (2013, pg1) “All of this data appeared in the top right corner of my vision, all without the need to take out my smartphone.” In this sense there are a variety of possibilities that await Google Glass in relation to better and accessible communication in business professions and for personal use, which is further explored throughout the essay. In regards to further possibilities of the new technology, not only is Google Glass seen to be effective in communication for business use and/or personal use, but as time elapses various literatures have proclaimed that the use of Google Glass may come into use in the medical field for communicative needs.

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