The Reaction of Mothers and their Families to the Diagnosis of ASD

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There are significant differences in the way Latina mothers and White mothers react to their child’s ASD diagnose. A study conducted by Lopez, Magaña, Xu and Guzman (2018), explored the reaction of mothers and their families to the diagnosis of ASD by comparing open-ended responses of 44 Latina mothers and 52 White mothers. The results indicated that both sets of mothers had an equal emotional reaction to the diagnosis.

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The emotions range from guilt, depression, disbelief, devastation, loss and denial. But differed in the way they handle the aftermath. Latina mothers felt guilt and blame themselves for their children’s condition after their children were diagnose (Lopez, Magaña, Xu & Guzman, 2018). They reported wondering if they did something wrong during their pregnancy that resulted in their children having Autism. In contrast to Latino Mothers, White mothers reported feeling relieved after their children were diagnose and reassure about their parenting skills. Latina mothers expressed a sense of unfairness as their children were diagnosed, while, White mothers reported waiting for a diagnosis in order to move on and look for treatments and services. Latina mothers reported not knowing much about what autism is. They were not informed and lacked skills to advocate for services for their Children. In contrast, White mothers reported being well educated about the subject, capable of advocating and seeking the right services or treatment for their child. As for their families, both sets of mothers indicated that their families were emotionally distress with the diagnosis, feeling shock, in denial and saddened.

Dividing child care responsibilities and paid employment amongst parents of a child or adolescent with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) may be hard;

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