The Ranking For Sources Of Energy Business Essay

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This assignment can be divided into five main parts. Profile of the past is the first part of this assignment. In this first part, I will explain the sources of energy that give me the greatest sense of enjoyment, personal satisfaction and dissatisfaction, anxiety, discontent and so forth.

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Other than describing the energy, I also listed out the attributes that motivate and discourage me to enter the business. I will also describe my personal history such as the jobs that I did before. Lastly, I will reveal my business hero that has been acting as role model in my future life. In the second part, I will focus on the profile from the present that is related to my strengths and weaknesses. My personal strengths and weaknesses can be determined after answering the questions that related to our attitudes and behaviors. The third part is about getting feedbacks from my friends about my personal attitude and behaviors. The following part of this assignment is about assessing my personal entrepreneurial strategy. In the last part in this assignment, I will set the short term goal, long term goal, as well as final goal that I need to accomplish when I reach the age of 70. Apart from that, the goals need to be accomplished in the next four years. Other than accomplishing goals, I will describe the possible problems, obstacles, inconsistencies and the methods to solve these problems.

2.0 Profile of the Past

2.1 Personal Preferences

The few sources of energy that gives me the greatest amount of enjoyment, personal satisfaction are shown below: Listening music is one of the ways to release stress. Music such as sentimental, classical and other types of music that is soothing to the ears can create certain frequencies and wave lengths that are able to relax the brain, hence helps in thinking and focusing in something one is doing. Travelling is another activity that gives me the great amount of enjoyment. Learning and understanding other countries’ cultures are not only interesting, but also will increase my knowledge about their cultural differences. Besides that, taking a break and go travelling in a totally new environment could completely put off my stress while meeting new people, breathing new air and seeing the wonderful environment that I never see before. Reading magazines such as National Geographic, Times and Readers Digest increase my awareness on current information like fashion, interesting places for travelling, and so forth. Some of the articles bring motivation in my life that helps in my relationship with people, studies and many important aspects of my life. Shopping is the best and fastest way to take a break from my stress. Staying in a city, there are many easily accessible shopping malls that I can go to.

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