The Purpose of Education

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The impact a teacher can have on a student can last a lifetime. Teachers can help students learn, and enjoy learning. When teachers love what they are doing and students are fully engaged, there is a good chance for success to happen.

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I believe teachers help guide student learning by teaching them skills that will translate into other classes: not just teaching a subject, but teaching them how to learn. My philosophy on education includes many of the major theories of education. There is not just one educational theory that I would precisely follow. My goal for the students would be for them to have a safe learning environment that they feel comfortable in, and to feel like they have learned something valuable. If the student feels confident, it will help improve their school work on a daily basis and help with their educational journey. The dynamic combination of the following theories describes my educational philosophy that I have constructed, and which is in line with my beliefs.

The purpose of education is to learn what is needed, and to excel in that learning, at a certain age or grade. Some elements of perennialism can be seen in my beliefs, because I would like to see the students cultivate moral and ethical frameworks, to help prepare them for life, and the professional world. I can see behaviorism factoring into my philosophy to some degree, as I believe it is important for the students to behave appropriately in the classroom setting. This will enhance the learning experience for the students, and again, prepare them for life outside of the classroom.

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