The Psychological Profile of Abigail William

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Taking a look inside a person’s brain processes will explain areas of the brain the person has used in making his or her decisions. Taking those factors into consideration will either validate or invalidate one’s actions. In Arthur Miller’s play The Crucible, Abigail William is known as a vengeful and manipulative liar to the reader.

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During the play, there are few psychological factors made known about the accusers and the accused. People in town did not question the girls’ intentions, but those who did take the dancing in the woods, the girls’ fears, and the vengeful side of Abigail William into account. Abigail William’s actions are influenced by her nature, developing adolescent brain, and the repressive society she lives in that created the hysterical mentality, and if receives the proper medical treatment and therapy, she may be able to live a fulfilling life.

From the very beginning, the nature surrounding Abigail Williams initiates reasons for her actions. More accurately, the nature feeds Abigail Williams all the greater reasons to act the way she is, as her lies grow. When the townspeople show enthusiasm towards the lies, the more Abigail is encouraged by their reaction. She is so encouraged by the enthusiasm, that in the process of being in the hysterical mindset somewhere in the process, she loses self-awareness of what she is doing. Abigail forming the group of girls who share her fear of punishments begins to think and act the same. By being in a group, not only eases the girls’ mind from their fear, but also ensures that even if they are discovered of their lies they will not be facing punishments alone. All the girls act as if they are one person that shares the same mind as shown in the court staring full front as though hypnotized and mimicking the exact tone of Mary Warren’s cry (107). By imitating Mary Warren’s words and actions, the girls are able to convince the judges in court that there is indeed an evil spirit flying around town that is telling them of their evil deeds.

Through nature, Abigail Williams faced sociological factors that surround Salem’s religious views and Court. The people especially pride themselves of their religion and their religious views. Since the town is created based upon their religion, and because people in town grew up in such confinement to those guidelines, that guides their actions, they forget their unique characteristics. So when the topic of witchcraft is brought up into town, it sets in among all classes when the balance began to turn towards to a greater individual freedom (6) someone like Abigail William who disrupts their peace and wants to seek out her true desires. Such adamantly rigid society of course implies that any form of individuality will be considered subversive and dangerous (Bonnet).

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