The Profitablity Marketing And Economic Impact Of Port Investment Finance Essay

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As far as investing in port assets is concerned, there are two ways, almost in contrast with one another, of regarding the port: The port may be considered a public service that is generally useful to the economy, justifying the tax system being utilized for the purpose of funding the investments required. The port may be considered a business system that operates within a highly competitive market and requires investment projects to be selected with efficiency. The line drawn between these two functions changes, depending on the country, environment, business, social and political culture, period and political trends. In most institutional models, the large infrastructures that either provide access to a port or are used for general purposes attract public investments, while terminal superstructures are instead invested in by the terminal company itself. The port of Durres is located in the heart of Durres city, which is approximately 39 from Tirana. The port of Durres is Albania’s largest sea port. Durres is one of Albania’s oldest cities and was founded as a Greek colony in 627 B.C. Since then, the city has grown and expanded while preserving monuments of the ancient city. Now Durres is the second largest and one of the most economically developed cities in Albany due to the large port that allows trading in the Adriatic Sea. The recent construction of a motorway that links Durres with Tirana has cut down the traveling time to the capital to only 30 minutes. Tirana is also accessible by train, between Durres and Tirana there is a frequent and cheap rail service. Also the construction of the motorway that links Durres and Prishtina will cut down the traveling time and cost between Albania and Kosova. The port of Durres, beyond its physical dimensions, is historical, and certainly the reality is that in the future it will be an important actor in the lives of not only this city of our country but also throughout the region. Always important strategic point in the eastern Adriatic coast, the port has been developed in years as a privileged institution that has enjoyed particular attention. Thousands of people, workers, managers, leaders and important personalities have given their contribution to its development. Financing of investment in the Port of Durres is one of the main priorities for the Albanian Government and foreign financial institutions as the World Bank, European Union and the European Investment Bank. World Bank with an investment of $ 23 million has completed the rehabilitation project for the Port of Durres which includes rehabilitation of the piers, warehouses and buildings. European Union – Fare Program with an investment of € 4.4 million, has completed the project which includes rehabilitation of the Ferry Terminal, pier reconstruction of 120 ml and 60 ml of building the new pier. TDA – Trade and Development Agency (USA) $ 9.1 million. This project involves studying the feasibility of new container terminal and its equipment at the Port of Durres. TDA has also given a grant of $ 1.4 million to purchase two “reach stacker,

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